Children Injuries Due to Negligence

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Children may be physically limited to successfully avoid accidents, mentally limited to assess dangerous situations, or reckless enough to put themselves into harm’s way. As the adult, you have the responsibility to put the children in safe conditions and supervise them enough to avoid reckless behaviors, accidents, and injuries.

But sometimes, this responsibility is passed on to others, and they may not be as emotionally attached to the task as you are, resulting into negligent behaviors that may lead to the children’s harm. According to the website of the Amerio Law Firm, negligent parties may be held liable for the injury of your children.

Common Child Injury Cases
Dangerous childcare products and toys: Designers and manufacturers may be held liable for defective childcare products and toys. The most common defects include harmful materials used in the production of the product, materials that easily detach turning into choking hazards, and products that are not suitable for the age group advertised.

Childcare facility accidents: Childcare facilities, such as daycares, have the responsibility over the safety of their clients’ children and the effectiveness of their services and facilities. Any form of harm that has resulted from the daycare staff’s negligence or the daycare’s defective or malfunctioning items is enough grounds for a lawsuit.

Playground accidents: Some playground accidents occur because of the child’s own recklessness, but there are instances where other parties can be blamed, such as the playground owners, playground equipment designers and manufacturers, and maintenance providers, who have failed to keep their premises safe.

Swimming pool accidents: Swimming pools and other similar recreational areas should also make sure that their premises are safe from accidents, particularly those that can be triggered by unsupervised children. These areas can do this by maintaining the cleanliness of the place, putting up barriers and fences to create boundaries, and having adequate security and services such as lifeguards.

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