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Heavy Equipment Malfunction

Posted By on Jun 7, 2017

A necessary, yet, inherently hazardous occupation is construction work. Despite the safety measure observed and implemented by management, contractors, owners, workers and manufacturers of machinery used, the job simply exposes workers to more dangers that can cause severe injuries. This is why in some states, besides the Workers’ Compensation benefits, there are other laws, such as those imposed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that give extra protection to construction workers.

It is important, though, that you seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney who will help you make sure that you meet the requirements of your state’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance program to avail of the full benefits stipulated in it. Thus, a personal injury attorney’s duties include guiding you on what to do right after the injury, what forms to fill out and when to process your claim so that you will not beyond the set statutory period.

Construction accidents that are work-related are considered as personal injuries, that is, injuries caused by another’s careless or reckless behavior. As a victim of a construction accident, your lawyer will tell you that your rights and interests are protected and supported by the law, thereby allowing you to receive compensation for your economic losses and any injury-related expenses, like costly medical bills.

According to the law firm Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, though construction is a positive sign of growth and progress, it also introduces a host of potential hazards. Construction is a dangerous industry, and accidents occur regularly in construction sites. An especially precarious situation may arise when equipment malfunctions, potentially causing devastating results to workers and bystanders. Depending on one’s proximity to the accident and the equipment in question, the potential for serious injury is high.

Though most equipment on construction sites is in proper working condition, malfunctions do occur and can quickly lead to a serious construction accident. Some of the most common forms of equipment malfunction following: crane collapse, scaffolding collapse, electric shock and improper maintenance of equipment.

Failure to maintain any construction site tools and machinery or failure to manufacture them under the required market standards definitely makes all people concerned responsible for any accident that may take place. In the event of an accident, it will be wise for injured workers or their families to get in touch with a skilled personal injury immediately for their needed help in pursuing compensation from responsible parties to cover any medical costs or other damages sustained.


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Plenty of people are rightly intimidated by the daunting aspect of filing legal action against somebody for any kind of rationale. You will find processes to follow should you attempt to go about it on your own, and it might get very overwhelming even though you know you are in the right. The responsible party may continue to be able to get away scot-free if a lot get professional legal representation if you have been wrongly injured in one way or another due to the activities of somebody else. It is then simply right to reach the battlefield with veteran players in your team – though it does you some good to come back to the fray with swords.

It is a particular backup strategy which allows you protection which you do not need to be concerned about any of the expenses in the given case, that you simply should not because the conditions that brought you requiring to file for this sort of lawsuit were not your fault to start with. As stated by the website of the Hankey Law Office, it is vital that people who don’t have the financial means are able to seek help to fight for their rights owed to them without the stress of added fiscal burden.Merely notably apparent bodily harms are dealt with by second of all, maybe not all personal injury. Mental diseases due to exposure to injury can cause thoughts of destruction or behavior that is individually damaging.

Lastly, injury covers a great deal of ground – which can then make it much, a lot harder in the bottom up. There are several different subsets under this branch of the legislation as it branches out into numerous different specializations including car accidents, product liability cases, medical malpractice cases, and so much more. These subsets, not all have universal national regulations during the USA as well as your circumstance in tribunal may rely on where you’re, together with the statute of restrictions by which your state court abides by.

It is for this reason that it is recommended when someone you know or you have been hurt in an accident caused by another person, the help and advice of experts are sought so as to determine the best move to make next.

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Records from the International Air Transport Association show that in 2014 there were 38 million flights that carried about 3.3 billion people to different destinations around the world. From 2011 to 2013, in the US alone, the yearly numbers of commercial airlines passengers were 734 million, 739 million and 744 million, respectively.

Despite this huge number, the aviation industry’s report on the number of yearly fatalities is only 600+, compared to the 30,000+ car accident deaths recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The Aviation Safety Network and other transportation authorities believe that air travel is the fastest and safest means of long-distance travel today, thanks to all the improvements undertaken by the (aviation) industry over the past years to avoid the same accidents from ever occurring again and, thus, ensure passenger safety.

Improvements and upgrades, however, are never enough to guarantee the overall safety of everyone on the plane; flying protocols should also be strictly observed by all those involved in air travel, including airline managers, pilot and crew, ground maintenance personnel and air traffic controllers.

Aviation accidents are rare. However, if one occurs, the consequences are usually tragic: severe injuries; trauma; or, death. And while fault is most commonly blamed on the pilot, there are other causes, such as an air traffic controller mistake, failure by a ground maintenance worker to detect a damaged part, or a faulty part which is actually a manufacturing defect.

Underlying all identified causes of aviation accidents is negligence and, due to this failure to perform what is part of one’s duty, the law, therefore, holds the negligent party, as well as all others who may have contributed (even indirectly ) to the accident, answerable to all those who have been affected or injured in the accident.

Though there is a preset compensation value (assigned by law) for each passenger, this does not take away injured passengers’ rights to take further legal actions against the airline company concerned and all others connected to the accident.

Law firms, though, are prohibited by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) from contacting the victims or their families until the 45th day after the accident. This 45-day rule, however, does not prohibit the victims from initiating communication with any attorney or law firm.

One very important reason why families or victims should consider contacting a lawyer immediately is for them to know their full rights with regard to compensation as the airline and insurance companies are very likely to settle with them.

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The Legal Truth about Car Accidents

Posted By on Jan 19, 2015

Car accidents, unfortunately, are more than commonplace in the United States of America. It is one of the leading causes of death and it has been predicted that everyone, at one point in their lives, will likely experience a car accident in some form or another. A personal injury lawyer may claim that most of the time, these cases are due to utterly irresponsible behavior from one or more parties.

Yet still, cars are quite a necessary commodity in this day and age. People have places to go and people to see and vehicular transport is often included into that equation. Car accidents, as commonplace as they are though, are not exempt from the law just because they happen at an alarmingly frequent rate. The guilty party of these car accidents, if the incident were due to negligence or recklessness, is to be held liable for their actions, as all deeds must be judged in the end – responsible or otherwise stated.

Take the state of Oklahoma, for example. In 2013, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office have reported over 54,000 car accidents in that year alone; in that number, over 200 were fatal and over 1500 were incapacitated. A lot of these cases are considered personal injury claims under the subset of car accidents, as it says on the website of the Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at Abel Law Firm.

It is quite the complicated scenario as there is the aftermath of the accident to think about. There is the compensation for lost wages, medical bills, punitive charges, penalty fees (if applicable) – and then there is the going back to normal life. This requires, again, the use of the damaged vehicle from the accident – or not, if the transport has been damaged beyond repair. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, Insurance policyholders will then have to involve their insurance providers in order to claim all that is due to the rightful party in question.

There are many complications with incidents of this nature, due to the procedures and politics involved. If you or someone you know is currently under the strain of a car accident case, it is recommended that legal advice is sought immediately!

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The Basics of Personal Injury

Posted By on Jan 8, 2015

It is a shame when a life is lost due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else. It is almost abhorrent to think that other people just have a blatant disregard of lives other than their own that they would have the audacity to cause actual, proper injury to someone else.

Fortunately, however, there are rights that protect every human being. These laws are the same ones that uphold justice, making those who have been criminally negligent or otherwise irresponsible for the liable consequences of their crimes. After all, it was written that all human beings have free will. All people are free to choose but it is the consequences of these choices that no one can choose from. You cannot touch fire and expect it not to burn you.

Personal injury is a branch of legal assistance that is specifically designed to protect people from negligence or carelessness and aggressively pursues justice and compensation for the wronged party involved. According to the website of Spiros Law P.C., many families and victims of personal injury are left feeling betrayed and less than capable than they were due to the injury inflicted. This is only more cause for the guilty party to be held responsible for his or her actions.

There is, truly, no amount of monetary compensation can ever bring back the sense of normal that there was before the incident or accident. The website of the Abel Law Firm says that these kinds of situations often leave victims traumatized, aside from being otherwise physically handicapped. Medical bills and loss of income compensation aside, the state of someone’s emotional and mental health is absolutely incalculable.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of any personal injury, it is recommended that you contact legal assistance as soon as possible. The only thing you need to be worrying about is recovering back into a life that feels as normal as it can possibly be again.

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