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Risks of having Alzheimer’s disease

Posted By on Mar 12, 2016

Aside from series of medications, individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often require specialized assistance for them to avoid hazards in their everyday living. Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 5 million elderly in the United States.

Though usual signs of Alzheimer’s disease like getting lost to familiar places and suddenly forgetting how to cook meals may vary from one person to another, a person, often an elderly who has this kind of mental disorder may also not realize that he or she can inflict harm to him or herself. As a person with Alzheimer’s disease can no longer remember many things, he or she is at high risk of suffering injuries from his or her surroundings. Serious injuries like broken hip bones and head injuries are common to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease if they accidentally slip or fall. Elderly with Alzheimer’s disease are three times at risk of suffering broken hips compare to normal counterparts. Family members who are living with a relative with Alzheimer’s should make sure that their surroundings are free of clutters and debris. Due to memory loss, an elderly with Alzheimer’s is at risk of injuries when there are clutters like books, toys, and shoes are in the house specifically on staircases.

Family members can do a lot of things to make their home safe for their relative who has Alzheimer’s. Households should make sure that all things inside the house are stored in proper places especially those that can cause slip or fall. To prevent slipping from rugs, households may use adhesive tapes to secure rugs in place. Tools and other things that are rarely used should be kept in a place that cannot be access by a person with Alzheimer’s mostly if it can cause injuries. Place rubber or non-slip mats on your shower room and bathtub. Make sure that your house has sufficient lighting for a person with Alzheimer’s to easily see his or her way around the house. Aside from persons with Alzheimer’s, it is common for elderly to experience vision deterioration due to aging. Family members may consider confining their relative with Alzheimer’s to a memory care facility to make sure that his or her environment is completely safe and he or she is closely monitored and cared by highly-dedicated personnel.

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