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No Excuses For DUIs

Posted By on Sep 28, 2017

Edgar Verduzco, a police officer in the LAPD, was arrested on Thursday following a DUI in which three people were killed and two more (including the officer) injured. The three killed included a teenager and his two parents, who were killed after their vehicle caught fire. That the one responsible for the accident was a police officer is bad enough. But he also seemed to have been involved in an anti-drunk driving initiative. The death and pain caused by this accident were easily preventable, as this law firm’s website says. After all, the only thing that’s necessary not to cause an alcohol-related accident is not to drink while impaired. But every day, across the entire country, people ignore this simple rule, resulting in massive amounts of injuries and death.

Taking a closer look at the statistics involving car accidents is harrowing. The CDC website on the subject lays it all out in full. 28 people a day are killed in the US in a drunk driving accident, totaling 10,265 deaths a year in 2015. That makes up approximately 29% of the traffic-related for that year. Think about what that means- if people made the very reasonable, very easy decision to simply not drive after they had been drinking, the number of automobile-related deaths in the country would drop by one-third. And though police often work hard to try to crack down on dangerous driving, it’s impossible to catch everyone. In fact, according to the CDC, only about 1 million of 111 million annual drink driving incidents are ever arrested.

Young people seem to be the biggest risk factors. The CDC’s research shows that 55% of drunk driving accidents involved people between the ages of 21 and 34. That may be for a number of reasons. Young people are probably more likely to engage in drinking or go out. And when they do, they were probably less likely to consider the risks of their actions and to partake in dangerous behaviors like drinking and driving. But youth isn’t an excuse- but the age all of us start drinking, we have received enough messages about the dangers of driving under the influence to be able to make the right decisions in situations such as those.

So what can be done? Obviously, people are going to drink, and many of them will go out to a club or bar to do it. But when you do sure, be sure to form a plan beforehand. Designate a driver if necessary. If you aren’t able to, bring money for an Uber or a Taxi. In some cities like New York that have extensive public transportations, you may be able to get home even cheaper and more easily than that. And if all these fail, there are many initiatives set up by churches, schools, and community-building organizations that offer free or cheap rides to people who need them. The resources are there, enough of them that no one should ever have an excuse to risk hurting others by drinking and driving.

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Weddings are a tradition shared by many different cultures, and each culture has its own way of making one of the most celebrated events in human life a great expression of their values. In this growing age of globalization, we are more connected with one another than ever before. Air travel is more widespread than ever, and there are budget options that allow nearly anyone to travel to a new place and experience a different culture. As cultures collide, the way weddings are celebrated is changing, and this one couple who met in Chicago went all out to celebrate their different cultures.

The wedding between the Indian Ankur Raniwala and Mexican Veronica Garcia, featured in the Daily Herald, represents a blending of Indian, Mexican, and American wedding traditions. The couple spared no expense making their wedding the ultimate blend of culture, costing just under $100,000. In Indian weddings, elephants or other large animals are commonly used by the groom to pick up the bride-to-be, and in this wedding a beautiful paper-mache elephant was constructed by the groom’s own hand as a stand in. The bride switched from a Sari to a traditional wedding dress, and the guests danced to both salsa and popular tunes from Indian films. The wedding proceedings lasted several days to incorporate all of the Indian pre-wedding festivities, and the ceremony included an exchange of rings common to Catholic weddings. The bride and other members of the wedding party were decorated with intricate designs in henna. There was even an ice cream bar and a cocktail hour, common to many weddings in the United States. According to this article, the trend towards blending different cultures together for a wedding is a growing trend, and there is is a growing market for specifically Indian-American weddings. Some venues are beginning to specialize, and more resources are available for those who want a unique wedding to celebrate each other’s culture.

In the Chicago area, there are many different places that you can host your wedding to ensure one of the most special days of your life is truly the celebration of a lifetime. You can even hold your wedding on the waters of Lake Michigan through Anita Dee Yacht Charters. But regardless of where a wedding is held, the most important aspect of the wedding is that is shared between two families. According to the couple from the article, what they see are two families coming together out of respect for the couple, not necessarily the cultural differences.  

The growth of wedding venues and wedding planners specifically catering to multicultural weddings is a sign that the United States is becoming more diverse and more connected. In a few decades, the definition of what constitutes a truly “American” wedding could drastically change and incorporate elements from all over the world. As families from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate a marriage, barriers degrade, and our world becomes a little bit smaller and more connected.

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Heavy Equipment Malfunction

Posted By on Jun 7, 2017

A necessary, yet, inherently hazardous occupation is construction work. Despite the safety measure observed and implemented by management, contractors, owners, workers and manufacturers of machinery used, the job simply exposes workers to more dangers that can cause severe injuries. This is why in some states, besides the Workers’ Compensation benefits, there are other laws, such as those imposed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that give extra protection to construction workers.

It is important, though, that you seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney who will help you make sure that you meet the requirements of your state’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance program to avail of the full benefits stipulated in it. Thus, a personal injury attorney’s duties include guiding you on what to do right after the injury, what forms to fill out and when to process your claim so that you will not beyond the set statutory period.

Construction accidents that are work-related are considered as personal injuries, that is, injuries caused by another’s careless or reckless behavior. As a victim of a construction accident, your lawyer will tell you that your rights and interests are protected and supported by the law, thereby allowing you to receive compensation for your economic losses and any injury-related expenses, like costly medical bills.

According to the law firm Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, though construction is a positive sign of growth and progress, it also introduces a host of potential hazards. Construction is a dangerous industry, and accidents occur regularly in construction sites. An especially precarious situation may arise when equipment malfunctions, potentially causing devastating results to workers and bystanders. Depending on one’s proximity to the accident and the equipment in question, the potential for serious injury is high.

Though most equipment on construction sites is in proper working condition, malfunctions do occur and can quickly lead to a serious construction accident. Some of the most common forms of equipment malfunction following: crane collapse, scaffolding collapse, electric shock and improper maintenance of equipment.

Failure to maintain any construction site tools and machinery or failure to manufacture them under the required market standards definitely makes all people concerned responsible for any accident that may take place. In the event of an accident, it will be wise for injured workers or their families to get in touch with a skilled personal injury immediately for their needed help in pursuing compensation from responsible parties to cover any medical costs or other damages sustained.


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Children Injuries Due to Negligence

Posted By on Mar 8, 2017

Children may be physically limited to successfully avoid accidents, mentally limited to assess dangerous situations, or reckless enough to put themselves into harm’s way. As the adult, you have the responsibility to put the children in safe conditions and supervise them enough to avoid reckless behaviors, accidents, and injuries.

But sometimes, this responsibility is passed on to others, and they may not be as emotionally attached to the task as you are, resulting into negligent behaviors that may lead to the children’s harm. According to the website of the Amerio Law Firm, negligent parties may be held liable for the injury of your children.

Common Child Injury Cases
Dangerous childcare products and toys: Designers and manufacturers may be held liable for defective childcare products and toys. The most common defects include harmful materials used in the production of the product, materials that easily detach turning into choking hazards, and products that are not suitable for the age group advertised.

Childcare facility accidents: Childcare facilities, such as daycares, have the responsibility over the safety of their clients’ children and the effectiveness of their services and facilities. Any form of harm that has resulted from the daycare staff’s negligence or the daycare’s defective or malfunctioning items is enough grounds for a lawsuit.

Playground accidents: Some playground accidents occur because of the child’s own recklessness, but there are instances where other parties can be blamed, such as the playground owners, playground equipment designers and manufacturers, and maintenance providers, who have failed to keep their premises safe.

Swimming pool accidents: Swimming pools and other similar recreational areas should also make sure that their premises are safe from accidents, particularly those that can be triggered by unsupervised children. These areas can do this by maintaining the cleanliness of the place, putting up barriers and fences to create boundaries, and having adequate security and services such as lifeguards.

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Seventeen states in the U.S. that are known as “no fault” divorce states: Wisconsin; Washington; Oregon; Nevada; Nebraska; Montana; Missouri; Minnesota; Michigan; Kentucky; Kansas; Iowa; Indiana; Hawaii; Florida; Colorado and California (all other states are known as ‘fault” divorce states due to need for the one filing for divorce to cite a valid reason due to which the divorce is being sought). In these “no fault” states, a spouse may file a petition for divorce without the need of having to cite any ground, such as abuse, adultery or abandonment. Simply stating “irreconcilable differences,” or “insupportability” which, under Texas law, is discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marital relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. Because irreconcilable differences, or insupportability renders a marriage beyond repair, it is, therefore, accepted as basis for divorce.

Divorce, however, may be filed only if the marriage entered into by two individuals is legally binding; marriages which, from the very start are null or invalid, may be terminated through annulment.

Annulment is a legal declaration of the cancellation of a marriage. It has to be canceled and declared canceled to give the spouses, or a spouse who has been offended, the right to enter into a legally binding marital union. According to the law firm Kirker Davis, LLP, a marriage is considered non-legally binding and, therefore, invalid from very start due to any of the following reasons:

  • It was entered into by blood-related individuals (most states outlaw marriages between relatives closer than second cousins since this would be incest;
  • One of the individuals is still in an existing marriage, thus, making succeeding marriages bigamous;
  • One or both spouses are under the age of 16 when they entered into marriage.

There are instances, on the other hand, when a marital union is considered legal, but will have to voided or canceled due to the following grounds:

  • Fraud, such as when one keeps secret a prior marriage, a felony conviction or addiction, or having a child from a previous marriage;
  • Coercion, which is the case when one spouse was forced by the other to enter into marriage;
  • Intoxication due either to alcohol or drug since this renders either of the spouses lacking the full capacity to consent to marriage;
  • Mental incapacitation, which renders one or both spouses unable to fully grasp the responsibilities and duties of a married life; and,
  • Impotence or the inability of one spouse to have sexual intercourse.

For a court to grant a petitioner for annulment, however, a petitioner for annulment should stop cohabiting with his/her partner after he/she learns of the claimed ground/s for the annulment. If the petitioner does otherwise, then no annulment will be granted by a Texas court.

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